10 reasons to qualify as a space engineer

My bio says I am a power systems engineer who is passionate and is working toward a humanitarian solution on earth – Or words like that and although that is true and accurate. I smell the flowers and feel a change coming when I contemplate. I find coming up for me a clear message – the destiny of the humans is in space. Nor by saying that am I abandoning you. No, not giving up on peace, defeating climate change, a transition to a fair and equitable cyclic economy, respect for woman and all ethnic groups. Nor should any of you. It is just that I feel we will be much happier building an ark.

A space engineer is an expert on technology that sustains life off planet. There are so many good reasons to be one:

  1. Being at the forefront of a growing industry is profitable.
  2. You might get to go to Mars.
  3. It sounds cool.
  4. If you specialise in power systems then solar and nuclear power plants are your best options. The same skill set, particularly solar that is in high demand today. Needed during the energy transition.
  5. You will not end up selling your soul to the fossil fuel guys.
  6. You will be like a Viking – a voyager, a discoverer.
  7. Even if you don’t go yourself you will know you contributed to the propagation of the species and that is so fundamental.
  8. It is better than getting sad about climate and all that negative stuff.
  9. You get to dream big.

It might sound like I am saying we should give up on the earth and leave. Nor would that be a good plan, let’s face it so few will get away and Mars is cold. However, I am not saying we can fix it. We do love how in the western world one may chose where to put one’s energy. I am just saying chose right – to those with good attitude in mathematics, physics and applied engineering, go for it. Be a space engineer and don’t look back.



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Steven Power

Steven Power

Power Systems Engineer, author and champion of an equitable, humane and sustainable society