On considering a glorious future again

When I urge anyone to adopt a positive view. It is for all – but them most.

AFTER a man wakes and listens to the news, he subconsciously demands change and SOON screaming out loud. TOO Much! Morning caffeine and daily entertain ignite passion. He asks,

“What have we done so wrong.”

His wife beside him,

Oh yes it is bad and everyone seems unhappy. It is just the climate challenge! O boy that one is scary alright and knowing we were are in real trouble.”

Rampling and chaotic life is a mess. The soft hard. The black white. The yin Yangs. There is no formula. Except the one nobody likes, survival of the fittest.

Survival of the fittest has been good for humans and all life. It will never change.

And are we really going know where fast! And something has to be done! Is that mad talk. You voted for climate action, integrity and equality. Real values. You voted for a glorious future.

Mahatma Gandhi espoused such values, climate action, integrity and equality. With great compassion of course. He famously said;

we must be the change we want to see in the world.

Don’t expect others to create it for you. Don’t expect the government or your employer, your partner or your friends and why would a stranger. There you have it, my friend, you may wonder for who the bell tolls and, of course, it tolls for you.

It is your job to create the glorious future you seek.

When one lives by the ocean and swims in the sea the salt water grips your heart in a special way. People in other countries may not understand but in those suburbs in Australia a revolution. Not politicians who speak for big business or tired Marxist ideology but instead they speak for you, the people and your needs today;

Climate action, integrity and equality is a very personal position.

One we take for the sake of our children and our grandchildren. We want the good life and we understand the threats and complacency is folly. We want young people to have hope, meaning and purpose in there lives and don’t forget the older.

How we live must quickly adapt to remove pressure on the environment and that can be so much fun, the wild world is precious, no one wants to lose it.

Independent Politicians are social entrepreneurs. Those who we look to cultivate those good values and grow an abundant garden fertilised by prosperity of spirit. While it is your job to be the change you wish to see in this world it is nice to know the new independent politicians have your back.

Even the Pope said,

“people accept that in the glorious future you will all have less material things”

When you listen to a speech like that do not panic but try instead to understand the message. That is just how it will be. It is what we must do and is a consequence, when we embrace climate action, integrity and equality. Thealternative is not glorious at all.

Who that might want to hold on, too tight to their stuff, will drown in debt. And we don’t build a new world from nothing, from the ground up. But the old consumer world is done! That is the situation, like it it not, it is not a negotiation.

In no other time, when new ways provided endless possibilities for creative enterprise did we run away from the challenge screaming.

And you need no capital to come to the party, just enthusiasm and a can-do spirit. A positive view is a must! That is because it is unreasonable to expect first world citizens to accept a lower standard of living without explaining it is for the greater good, they may, for a short time, accept, but soon will rebel. This is genuine social reconstruction. Like war time, people must know for what is the sacrifice.

Otherwise they will ask those who lead them why they are not doing better. For our friends in other lands, the other world inhabitants who aspire to a higher standard of living. Why they cannot have it cannot be answered honestly, or with a straight face.

They like what we have and wish to enjoy the fruits of advanced living: good health systems, better food, security, and stable government. They want what we have, and we should be proud of that and share what we have with them.

I have heard those that oppose change, who can’t flow with the rambling chaos of the universe, gifted to us, explain magic ideological reason only understood by them; they scream – where will the money come from? What they are really saying is I am scared, and I like my stuff and I can’t Share.

Well, money, it will come from where it has always come from, people pay for goods and services out of their pockets; these days bank accounts (it is becoming a cashless world). Consumers have the power and while good government policy and financial support will hasten positive purchasing decisions it is not essential. You can do it anyway.

You have all the say, you have all the power.

Remember in a consumer society you the consumer have the power. If you are appalled by the suffering of caged chickens don’t eat those eggs. If you are appalled by the damage cattle do to the environment don’t eat steak.

Now if a positive choice is more expensive then feel good. What about that and be proud you made it. Ask what you are doing for others. In time that cost penalty will change;

solar produced electricity is now cheaper than coal, that was not always the case.

I wish to encourage entrepreneurs to grow positive businesses that create a new earth that can last forever or at least until the sun gives in.

Nothing last forever, forever.

It feels good. Try it now. I have a dream of a sustainable world. I have a dream of a positive world. I have a dream that creating it will create great joy in our hearts, we do it for children, and people we have never met.

Your choice is important, make it count and have real purpose.



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