Steven Power

With exquisite grace, and beautiful mode,

The floating sloop in harbour rode,

Proud of her desire, the swelling tide

Reluctantly left the delicate vessel’s side,

And raised it as she flowed.

With gentle respect, peeking waves, lifting side,

A masthead swaying harmony keeping time the rattling stay,

Singing tales in tongues unknown secret code on the glide,

Of nothing dreams and escape allowed to pray,

O Bora Bora! O she went there;

Where gentles waves on eastern breeze curled

And a silver moon bejewelled half the liquid plain;

Breeding Sea Turtle seen, anchors weighed, sails unfurled,

Serenely moved to shore beneath the wooden world

And eggs released in eternal grunt while sloop sails along the main.



Steven Power

Steven Power

Power Systems Engineer, author and champion of an equitable, humane and sustainable society